Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Land of Delightful December

I want to tell you a story about a girl who traveled to the land of Delightful December and had one adventure after another.
Alas, Auntie Amy had traveled day after day and night after night to finally arrive in the magical land of Delightful December. There was no way for Auntie Amy to have even the slightest grasp on the adventures in store for her once arriving to this splendid place. But, after leaving the land of the routine and mundane blessings began to flow unexpectedly.

As Auntie Amy entered the new territory, she stumbled upon a young lad who had embarked on a couple of adventures of his own. The young and handsome lad was more than excited and willing to share his stories of expedition.
First, he embarked on an intellectual journey in which he met a new friend named Laszlo. Sir Griffin (the young, handsome lad) and Laszlo became fast friends over the time they spent together and Sir Griffin was, unbeknownst to Laszlo, preparing a character study for his esteemed teacher. Meet Laszlo and Sir Griffin:

Book: The Wolving Time by Patrick Jennings

Laszlo took Sir Griffin on his adventures as sheep herder for his family and the risk endured when an outsider finds out of the families secret lives as werewolves. It was not until Laszlo himself experienced the coming of age transformation himself for the first time that he and Sir Griffin would really come to understand the meaning of "justice served" to a community of people deathly afraid of something they simply did not understand.

As Sir Griffin traveled on past his journey with Laszlo, he traveled into the forest of Four Leaf Clover where Head, Heart, Hands and Health converge to create an exciting adventure of its own nature. In preparation for a royal hunt or military target shooting (take your pick), Sir Griffin undertook the task of learning the art of skeet shooting.
After his success of shooting four for four in the field (everyone cheers here: Rah, Rah!) , a Royal Party was thrown for all of the shooters to celebrate! It was at the annual ornament exchange, Sir Griffin was pleased to have brought home an ornament the size of his own head! narrator notes: too bad I did not capture than moment on film and the ornament was promptly re-gifted

Auntie Amy could hardly stand the sheer excitement that Sir Griffin brought to her. When, to her wondering eyes would appear, Angels of Light so bright and so clear! A blessing beyond what anyone could ever have expected.

Sir Griffin and Lady Jori joined Auntie Amy in serving at another royal party hosted for many families and children in the area. The entertainment was beyond expectations and catching a brief glimpse of the toy and food distribution behind the scenes was an astonishing and remarkable sight. It was beyond all imaginations of the North Pole and Santa's workshop. Everything worked like clockwork! However, the biggest blessing of the night was seeing the smiles and joy in each and every face. Fortunately, we were able to attend to the guests needs during dinner and the entertaining performance. There were no brighter smiles that I have seen in this land of Delightful December thus far!

As the evening drew to a close, Auntie Amy could not fathom what the remainder of her travels would bring. When what to her wondering eyes would appear? As she was preparing to settle in for a long winters nap one evening, she peered out the window of her cozy cottage and noticed the white flakes floating from the sky. Being that she was enjoying the tropical temperatures of mid 70's just a couple days before, she was astonished to say the very least.

Sir Griffin rushed to see and captured the white flakes

Katy, TX December 10th 10:00pm.

So, it was all an exciting event in our corner of Delightful December land until Madame Jae, sent over photos from the winter wonderland they experienced in the more southern parts of the territory. Sir Griffin's disappointment set in rapidly, but was short lived, as always.

Beaumont, TX Eric and Jill's house at 3am, Dec. 10th.

The night proved to be a delightful evening of sleep. be continued.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I heard about yall having snow! I thought it was hilarious when Nanny told us how everyone in the neighborhoods were outside watching! Something you guys don't see often. I'll have to send Griff some pictures when we get a better snow this yr! So far we've just had dustings..:( Happy New Year!