Monday, January 5, 2009

...More Fun in the Land of Delightful December

...the festivites are kicked off in the early afternoon with a grand buffet of the most delicious sweet treats and snacks in the land. Lots of laughs followed during the notorious round of White Elephant exchange. Jolly old St. Nick was sure to take note of the good and questionable behavior of all the children in attendance that evening. Fortunately, for the questionable there was still time to redeem themselves before the annual visit!

And just as Auntie Amy thought her trip was full and complete and could not get any better, Sir Griffin surprised her with a desire to see the Nutcracker performance. So, thanks to the best Nana in the world, the three donned their best attire and traveled into the center of the city for an evening of transcendent entertainment and wonder. Of course, this window of oppurtinity would be short lived, so Auntie Amy could not pass it up!

As THE DAY of CELEBRATION in the land of Delightful December came closer, the land seemed to busteling and beating to its own drum. People shuffled around, music played on every street corner, celebrations and parties all gearing up for the big day were everywhere.

When one of Auntie Amy's dearest relatives called and gave her nearly the best gift of all. A day to spend with Princess Zoey and Prince Zayed! As she traveled to the far eastern parts of the land, she could not imagine the sheer joy that would come from the time she spent with these precious little people.

Together they dressed up notice the gorgeous ball gown and lovely boots that Princess Zoey is sporting and jumped on the bed, went on a nature walk that turned into a wild animal hunt, read great stories together, ate popscicles and enjoyed all things fun! It had been so very long since Auntie Amy (btw, this is where the Auntie part of my name comes from) had seen the Perfectly Precious Prince and Princess that she could not get enough hugs and kisses! Nor had she played so hard and long since Sir Griffin was once a wee lad.

Of course, Auntie Amy tried desperately to sqeeze her own feet into the lovely footwear that Princess Zoey was so kind to try and share, but unfortunately they just would not fit no matter how hard she tried.

Soon, the DAY of CELEBRATION neared and things began to slow down around the land of Delightful December. An evening of music and candlelights celebrated the joyous event of so many years ago, when Jesus was born. It was quite a journey that had not quite yet come to an end for Auntie Amy, but in her refelction of the true meaning of the celebrations with family and friends, she could not help but count her many blessings! Of course, this was an impossible task as there were simply too many to count!

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