Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Heart Throb

Last night I watched on the edge of my seat and with a box of tissues handy as Barbara Walters dove into an excruciating, enlightening and heart felt interview with Patrick Swayze and wife Lisa.

I love. love. love. this man.

Every time I think of him I just imagine crawling across the floor toward him in my cute, cut off denim knee length shorts circa 1987 with my keds and short, curly permed bob sultrily singing about having the time of my life. Phew... I have to fan myself now just imagining it!

I can only hope to have someone in my life as incredible as he one day.

Although he is terminally ill and fighting an uphill battle, he has the strength and courage of ten armies! His brutal honesty about his condition and feelings was refreshing. He openly confessed his fears and feelings and expectations about being sick, dying and leaving a legacy. Most of all, his adoration and devotion for his wife and family struck my core.

He made a comment that seems so appropriate as we enter a new year of life and make resolutions to improve the quality of our life as we know it. He said...

I could spend the rest of my life chasing life, but what I really want to do is live life.
Embracing life as it is day by day and minute by minute is a challenge for most of us and it is sad that when we realize our mortality is when the blinders come off and we can truly begin to live life fully!
This year I resolved to no resolutions. However, I am issuing myself a challenge. To live life each day to its fullest. Embracing all that life has to offer and not worrying as much about chasing life. Because, I know full well that I'll never catch it and will just end up missing out on so many great times.
By the way, Swayze has a new TV show on A&E next week. The Beast. Can you believe this man filmed an entire season of shows while battling pancreatic cancer?!?! He is amazing I tell you and the show looks amazing too.

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