Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Notebook and a Glass of Rioja

This morning it was gorgeous. High 50's/Low 60's by about 10AM. Guess what I did? Strapped on the tennies and went for a little jog. And guess what else? On mile 4- J.T. sang to me!Seriously gang, I am getting back into the game.

Funny thing though, as I came around that 4th loop today I had a pretty clear visual image of my elementary PE teacher, Mrs. Neichoy. Do you remember those 9 minute miles? They haunted me then and still haunt me now. This is definitely where my hate part of the love/hate relationship with running stems from. So, I just pictured her there sitting in the blue, plastic school chair with her whistle and clipboard. Tallying laps by each runner and calling out..."5 minutes....3 minutes...1 minute!"

Imagine, short pixie hair cut, salt and pepper colored, heather gray t-shirts every day and the famine version of the ubiquitous, polyester coaching shorts of the 80's with a deep, smokers voice and olive colored skin that seemed to be tan year round. Really though, I did love that lady. Mostly, the day she carried me to the nurses office with my broken arm and endured my vomiting all over her during that journey. What a lady. What. a. lady.

If only she could see me now! I wouldn't make the cut on the 9 minute mile test, but who cares really.

Thinking it might be fun to help kick off the rodeo with the fun run. I haven't done a 5K or any kind of organized run, but what a better way to start. In light of our new link to all things agricultural and farming through 4-H, I'm thinking this might just be the way to tie things together. Of course, I might have to follow it up with this.

The weekend has turned out to be pleasant so far, but not quite what was expected. I messed up the dates with my sis's visit, so I am enjoying lots of alone time. The kid has gone off both nights so far. I am left to myself. Oh, what do I do first!

Chick flicks, gallons of ice cream, a bottle of wine or all three? All three is my first choice.

UPDATE: This movie. The Notebook. I've never seen it before. Only read the book. And I have this crazy idea that the movies are just never as good as the books. But, this one is surpassing all of my expecations. Why have I put off watching this one for so long?!?!

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