Monday, January 26, 2009

Lists, Lists and more Lists

Do you love lists? I double **heart** lists! In any room in my house you can find multiple lists. I sometimes even makes lists to organize my lists. Which brings me to a point of total inefficiency. works for me. I think.

So, here is a list I have been thinking of lately. Enjoy!

1. Green beans are so much better fresh than frozen or out of a can.

2. According to G, my 'butt is as big as seven pumpkins.' Let's hope those are the small pie pumpkins and not the big, carving mamajama's.

3. The past, which has always seemed so far away, is closer than I could have ever imagined possible over at facebook. It's not something that I like to visit often, but I find it visiting me more and more these days. Still trying to decided if I *heart* that or not.

4. No matter how much you study, dissect and theologize the Word of God, having the FAITH that the God is God and the Word of God is true is all you need.

5. Grandfather's should never, ever, ever talk to their grandson's about the birds and the bees. And especially never use the word 'vagina.' According to G it's just "wrong on so many levels."

6. No TV for an entire 24 hours because your child is grounded is nice, but it's in that 25th hour in which there is an onset of withdrawal symptoms. Missing the Miss America pageant has made me reconsider the option to not have a DVR in my home. It may be high time I make an upgrade on the cable service.

7. Saturday it was cold here. I mean, bone. chilling. cold. Something about that Southeast Texas humidity and gusts of wind from a Northern that stabs right through you. I gladly stood right smack dab in the middle of the open prairie land for 4 hours Saturday morning to watch my son and his friends shoot birdies. No, not real birdies, but clay targets. It took me the rest of the weekend to thaw out all the way to my core.

Can't you feel the cold just by looking at this picture?Brrr...

8. Good friends and good food make a heart warming combination. It's like medicine for the soul.

9. It's 7:45 am now and my usual ride to work has not called. Guess I need to start thinking about some alternative transportation since we are normally on the road by now, huh?

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