Thursday, May 31, 2012

Channeling My Inner Athlete

Two things...

1. Saturday I am participating in this event. Help me Jesus! I'm running the 5K first thing on Saturday. Later in the day, the real nerves will kick in when the 400 meter relay comes around. I've never run a relay race before. I'm scared I will drop the baton. Eek!

2. Runners World Summer Run Streak 2012 has kicked off...a mile a day from Memorial Day to July 4th. It's not too late to join so get to running, peeps.

Today's run...slow and easy 10 minute treadmill mile. Saving up for my track debut on Saturday.

Happy Feet friends,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

The weekend festivities kicked off with fiesta dinner to celebrate the fact that this guy successfully received full credit for his Biology course and didn't have to find out what summer school was all about. It's been a nail biter of a year.

Live music on the patio, amazing weather, and some very cool friends was the perfect recipe for fun! There may or may not have been scandelous behavior that took place.

After a rejuvenating Sunday morning at church, a little pool time relaxing just what I needed.

Memorial Day Monday was a day for rest, relaxation, and reflection, but only after a morning run. I have a 5K event coming up this next weekend and training has been a little inconsistent and hardly considered training lately.

Have you seen We Were Soldiers? In honor of Memorial Day, we lit up the grill and watched this beautiful story.

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!
Ciao' friends,

Monday, May 28, 2012


I never want to treat anything in life as if it isn't worth celebrating, or that it is too ordinary to deserve extraordinary attention and appreciation. I want to settle in to life and always bring the best of myself right where I am recognizing that even if it's less than ideal, it's better than nothing.

Lately life has proved to be riddled with challenges. Life is funny that way....the cycle slows down and then ramps up again. Sometimes it's as quick as an unforeseen drop on a roller coaster and other times you can feel yourself climbing to a peak on the track with the ticking sound of the tracks, like time, in your ears. You anticipate the inevitable drop that may shake you to your core or be ever so slight that it barely begs much attention at all.

"Life is too short."
"You should live each day to it's fullest."
"Carpe diem."

I've professed these things many times in my life and hold them in my heart as precious beliefs. However, I flounder in the execution. More often than not, I fail to celebrate or give extraordinary attention and appreciation to my less than ideal life.

So, as I sit this morning with coffee in hand savoring each sip, soaking in the sunshine that flows through the windows, graciously thinking about the sum of my life experiences, and anticipating the joys that are yet to be had this day.

Seizing the day,