Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oooooo.....IIIII Caaaaannnn't Wwwaaaaiiiitttt!!!

I read somewhere the other day that using multiple letters is today's way of exaggerating what your saying. I'm not sure I can exaggerate enough how excited I am about this movie.

Reading it over and over and over and over as a kid, I dreamed about food pouring down from the sky. It's still a dream of mine. To hear a rumble in the sky, look up and be hit in the face with a couple of pancakes followed by raining syrup. (Mmmm...licks her lips, mouth watering)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in HD

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Four score and seven years ago

...not really. But close. Very, very close.

How about twenty three years ago. That's a little better. I stepped into the halls of Austin Middle School to embark on a journey through the best two years of school I would ever have known. In my seventh grade year alone, I got my first perm tragedy, I know but it was so cool then started wearing bras and makeup, got my period and I can hear you saying "TMI, TMI, Amy!" but stick with me. It won't be that bad. I promise! and my first boyfriend which also came with my first breakup. I Became real BFF's with a girl that lived just a few houses down from me, was introduced to Sweet Valley High and got my first pair of "high heeled" shoes which if I remember correctly, were no more than a pair of grandma like Hush Puppy 1/4" pumps. But they were "heels" none the less.

It was most definitely the best of times.

Tomorrow I send my son off to his first day of seventh grade. The same year that was so monumental in my own life. This year is going to bring so many adventures for G and part of me can't wait to see how it all unfolds, while another part of me would just like to stop time. Rewind a few years and do it all again.

But wait, that might mean diapers and midnight feedings again. Hold that thought!

It's funny how the first day of school becomes a time of reflection for so many people. As the first day of school nears, I keep my ears tuned because people start to reminisce and this can get quite entertaining. In the sheer joy of reliving experiences and adventures of years past, people tend to let some juicy details slip.

The odd thing is that when we celebrate G's birthday's every year I tend to think about this day as a moment in time; the actual day of birth; a series of events within a certain day that brought this beautiful child into my life. When the celebration really seems to point in the direction of the life lived up to that moment and what the future holds. But, I loose sight of that because of the sheer magnitude of joy that came into my life on that one day.

But to me the first day of school has become that celebration. Reflections of all that was accomplished the prior year flood my mind and my imagination runs wild with the adventures the new year will hold. This is mostly because I do a lot of comparing to my own experiences, which seemed to get bolder and more adventurous through the years. And that really scares the pants off me.

Happy First Day of School, G! Hope it's as full of fun and good times for you as it was for me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Confessions of a Snooping Mom

Time for a confession. I really need to get something off my chest.

I hacked my sons email account.

It all started so harmlessly. Just a few days ago he was still needing assistance logging into his account and I knew his password because, of course, I was the one who set it up.

But, one girlfriend and a weekend with his aunt later, he has secured his email account from his old mom. Changed his password. Without my knowledge. What is this world coming too? Who does he think he is?

This old mom won't be outsmarted though.

Know what I did?

Yep. Changed the password again.

I've never been a fan of IT folk. Not so great experiences with their kind in my lifetime. But, today more than any other time in my life I truly appreciate the power of the administrator role and have a healthy (if only temporary) respect for that role.

Want to know what I found? I know your dying to know.

Here it is..

GF: Hi baby I miss u VERY much:( 2 quick questions,,,, What makes u brake up with a girl? What makes u love a girl? I would brake up with a guy if I found he was cheating on me or if he wasn't a Christian. I would love a guy if he was funny, sweat, nice to me an my friends, and CARES for me and my feelings!! That is a good thing baby that u r all of those things to me!!!!! Luv u,, try to plz check u email more often plz baby!!!!

BF: what makes me brake up wid a girl is if she is a deadbeat (wich ur not) and a total female dog. What makes me love a girl is her smile and how she wont hide her feelings and if she is nice, funny , and cares for me.luv u lots.reply SOOOOON lol

Let me just interject here that although their English teachers for the last 7 years would be mortified at the spelling and grammar skills displayed throughout their exchanges, I am particularly proud here of G's creative use of descriptive words in order to avoid using profanity. Did you catch that? If not, please re-read. I promise you will get a chuckle.

GF: awsome u rock
BF: u no it babe

Is it just me, or do you think she might be coming on a little strong?

GF: (tiger roar u know like the sexy way)
BF: ? idk
GF: nvm i will tell u later sexy
BF: by

YES! YES! YES! He didn't get the tiger roar comment! There is some preservation of innocence still there.

Guess I have some explaining to do before GF takes that education responsibility on herself. I'm a little concerned about where she might go with that.

It's on my calendar for later in the week. Time for another of our mom/son dates at Chili's for some birds and bees discussion over Chicken Crispers, endless Dr. Pepper and molten chocolate cake. As much as I would really prefer to throw back a couple shots of whiskey before embarking on this little convo, I guess giving G his favorite meal will make ease the pain least he will be less grumpy about the whole thing.

I'm sure there are some real critics out there who would like to tie me to a pole and give me a thousand lashes for even thinking of invading my child's privacy and, on top of that, posting it for the world to see. But, the great thing is when your a parent, you can do that. And not really care what everyone in the world thinks.

Besides, G doesn't read this. Neither does the GF. So, I think I'm in the clear. At least for now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Heart of Gold

When I was in the ninth grade, I began to spend some time with this crazy girl I met on the bus. I had no idea then the treasure of a friend she would be to me through out my life. At least until this, let's be careful not to screw anything up now D.

I could write a book about what this girl means to me and all of the things she has taught me and a few of the things that I have taught her (wink, wink). But, today I find myself reminiscing about her sweet, precious mother.

Good memories of an endless supply of Little Debbie powdered donuts, sweet tea, antique pictures and sweet lullaby's of children's music being hummed or tinkering on the piano warm my heart when I think of her.

In what seemed like the wee hours of the morning to a teenage girl trying to get her beauty sleep and recover from the adventures of the night before, there would be the aroma of coffee in the air and a plop on the bed and a familiar voice saying..."girls. girls. wake up and talk to me." She would gently rouse us to somewhat of a conscience state and we would rehash our adventures as best we could and nearly always with limited details because she was a parent, of course. We discussed everything from our friends and boyfriends, church, our choice of hairspray and lipstick colors (which happen to be Rave and Coral Rust or Wild Berry lip pencil plus from Merle Norman) and the happenings of the neighborhood pool where we both lifegaurded, calculus homework and when the next occasion would be to hit Casa Ole for our fix of chips and salsa.

Doesn't she look like she has a heart of gold? and be an early riser? and want company to rise with her? Just wait Blake, your day is coming too. (Photo compliments of your facebook page Kathy...thanks for sharing.)
As I was saying though...Words really can not express how important these chats have become to me. Priceless is about the closest thing I could ever say to describe how I feel about them. Of course when I was 16, priceless was not the thought that crossed my mind.

So priceless in fact, that my own child gets the pleasure of early morning wake up calls and chats of his own. Too bad I don't keep the endless supply of Little Debbie powdered donuts to ease the pain of those early mornings. No matter to me, I cherish this time with him and I know one day he will too.

Today marks the beginning of a new journey for Martha Ladd. At this moment, she is in a hospital in Maryland about to undergo a most significant, open heart surgery. She has had a sick heart for as long as I have known her and had gradually been deteriorating over the years. Her case has been through countless diagnosis, treatments and even lack of treatments because Dr.'s have been at a complete and utter loss for her condition is so rare.

Please keep her in your prayers today and her family. They are hopeful that the Dr.'s will be able to repair and restore her heart to a condition that she has not known in a very long time.

You can keep up with updates on Martha's status and post messages for her and the family here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bacon with those Waffles?

Monday night about 9:30pm I am driving west on I-10 out of Beaumont.

It always seems somewhat bittersweet to leave my hometown, as visits are typically short and being the sentimental person that I am, every corner brings back a memory. Each short trip makes for a lot of re-living, which can get to be a little exhausting at times. But, before the exhaustion fully sets in this time I look into my rear view mirror and take one last glance at the glowing lights of hotels, restaurants, the new Ford park and baseball fields where used to stand nothing but a lonely hotel on the outskirts of town and a bunch of empty fields. As I have watched the changing landscape of this town I once called home over the years, I am ever amazed at how quickly and drastically things can be transformed.

I am deep in thought about the complexities of changes and the evolution of our lives when suddenly I hear my offspring in the backseat pipe up with a little of his own insight.

" know how I know when we are in Beaumont? There is a Waffle House on every corner."

So true. So very, very true.

And as I raise my head to catch his eye in my rear view mirror and to catch a quick glimpse of the pride on his face as he realizes he has just made one huge observation, I see notne other than the soft yellow glow of the Waffle House sign.
In the town of Beaumont and the small surrounding communities, there are EIGHT Waffle House restaurants. Beaumont, population 110,000 needs 5 Waffle House alone to accommodate all those breakfast eatin' folks.
Dang, that's a lot of waffles and bacon. Because you can't hardly enjoy waffles without the side of bacon.