Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sipping something hot...

Funny things the kid says again.

Background: Last night we stopped at Starbucks on our way to the 4-H club meeting. I was secretly hoping the caffeine was ward off my ravenous hunger for another couple of hours. But, the kid wanted something too. So, cafe mocha it was for the kid and a very bold coffee for mom.

Quote of the night as he takes his first gulp after several warnings to go slow because it's hot-

"I just love the way your spit gets all warm after you take a sip of something hot."

Oh the precious jewels of information that we get from our kids. How would we ever stop to think about things like this without the creative minds of our youth?

By the way, that pig infatuation reference the last sentence of this post, not the potential date, please! has finally been talked down to a rabbit. I'm hopping pun is totally intended here up and down for joy now, no early morning and late nights jaunts to the barn on the other side of town. Just a hop again with the pun, skip and a jump to the backyard for a little rabbit quality time.

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