Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday. At Last.

So, it's here. Finally. I'm not sure it could have gotten here any faster.

Hopefully, I can get through this bad case of the "don't wanna's" today with a little musical inspiration. Changed the Pandora station from Mozart to Colby O'Donis this morning. Time to move into a weekend kind of groove.

Insert aside here: Did you know that the annoying Santa can be hushed to make your visit here a little more pleasant? I've come to realize that his cuteness increases dramatically when he is quiet. Just click the little "hush" in the top right hand corner and you can enjoy his silence too.

My plans include some quality sister time cooking up something delicious like this and maybe if we can spare some calories share a yummy bottle of wine. If not, then we may just have to hit the long Quail Trail at the park Saturday morning before heading off to our stepsisters bridal shower.

Looks like its going to be a splendid weekend. What's in store for yours?


Anonymous said...

Packing. Moving soon!

JaeRob said...

Let's try this again THIS weekend! Love ya!