Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ellen, Gladys, the Spikey Plant and Jesus!

Ha, ha, ha, ha...still laughing about this. Thanks to my good friend, Jori and the new office kitchen with a flat screen mounted on the wall I have become an instant and loyal fan of Ellen. This appears to be an older clip, but a friend and co-worker, who probably can me hear my cackling in his office around the corner each day at lunch sent me this priceless clip.

All that I can say is...Enjoy!

UPDATE: I'm totally bummed to find out this was really not a sweet, old lady from Austin Texas but a comedian. It's still worthy of a chuckle though. Especially knowing that Ellen thought it was genuine.

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JaeRob said...

this had us all cracking up at work!! oh, and I now have a blog too. I liked your idea. Mine is not nearly as entertaining. But, what do you expect from small town Beaumont life. It's kind of boring!