Monday, January 19, 2009

Whatchoo doin' at the Courthouse?

Yall! You won't believe this morning show I caught on my drive in today.

My normal commute is the bus or a co-worker, so I miss this kind of entertainment on a daily basis. But this morning, I had to drive. And what a treat I got just as I was exiting into downtown. In no way do I condone the behavior of these people, but this's just plain funny!

Today's show is here, but in case you decided you need a daily dose, save this to your favorites.

The treasures of information from these individuals is almost boundless. So please, whatever you do, remember that if the company you keep gets you an appointment with the judge, just delete them from your myspace account and you will be all good again. Oh and my other favorite don't have to outrun the law, just run enough to get a lesser charge and swallow the evidence!

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