Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Note: Changes have been made as the post was originally made prior to completion. Oops.

Recently I was asked to identify what I was MOST passionate about. What are those things that really create a fire in your belly? Not just things you support or like, but beliefs that move you to action; characteristics you seek out in others or feel compelled to share with others.

*Love the Lord your God with all your heart * Love your neighbor as you love yourself * We all have it within ourselves to choose differently * Fight a good fight *  Be where you are * Fear is only a problem if you let it paralyze you * Women were designed to be pursued * Until a person begins accepting responsibility for the choices they have made, they will never feel empowered to make life altering changes * Love people; cook them tasty food * Men need an adventure * Motherhood is one of life's most amazing blessings * One cannot love themselves, until they understand and embrace grace and mercy * Mistakes are inevitable * Mean what you say; say what you mean * Horns are the most underused part of vehicles * A cheerful heart is good medicine; a crushed spirit dries up the soul * Ladies, we polish our nails but paint the walls and shampoo our hair but wash the dishes *

Happy Wednesday friends!