Saturday, January 3, 2009

...the story continues

...after dreams of sugar plum fairies dancing, Auntie Amy awoke from her long winters nap and much needed beauty sleep to find a slew if invitations to Winter Wonderland balls and parties. To kick them off was a Tuesday Ladies Night Soiree that included a scrumptious array of delectables and a rather vivacious ornament exchange.

It became quite clear that the land of Delightful December was full of surprises every time one turned around. The next event held a special place in Auntie Amy's heart as she enjoyed the melodious tunes of Sir Griffin. He was an aspiring cellist, indeed! Watch out Yo Yo Ma. Along with his fellow students of music, the audience was filled with a curiously harmonious rendition of Silver Bells.

Narrator note: Amazingly enough, the first concert performed just two months before included multiple variations of Mary Had A Little Lamb. We have come a long way folks!

More parties ensued in the days to come to celebrate the land of Delightful December and no party would be complete without a batch of homemade sugar cookies to share with friends. Besides, the absurd amounts of sugar and caffeine taken in is the only way to keep up with the events and schedule in this phenomenal place.

With the help of Sir Griffin and Lady Jori, Auntie Amy was able to pull off a batch of sweet treats just in time to boost them all through the next round of events.

Parties a plenty filled the days and nights over the next couple of weeks, but none was as curious in a fascinating way as the annual party held by Queen Ann the V or VI (I loose count here, but if you know maybe you can help me out). The invitations were sent and the date was set. All the guests in the land were preparing to join in the festivities. However, you will have to wait until tomorrow for the details on the grand event. be continued once again.

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