Monday, January 19, 2009

'Sweet Smell' of Success

Do you have an exercise regiment? If so, you have to check out this website. Don't be fooled by the name because it's really not all about running. You can map your ride. Or your swim. Or you can track workouts of any type. It's a great tool that I have been using for a while and although I have yet to get a report that I have actually burned enough calories to loose weight, I do find myself going back to the site over and over again.

There is an interesting new feature. Track your BO. Nope. Not kidding. They have partnered up with Fabreeze and a new sport product and study. So, I am to be receiving a sample of this new product in the mail soon, which according to little man, can't come soon enough. But, I'll have you know that I got a good report tonight. On a scale of 1 to 10, Griffin gave me a "5 and most of the time it's topping a 10."

We are now watching The Bachelor. I know. I know. Quality, family TV programming is what your thinking. But, really he is going to be a teenager in one more year. Dating is just around the corner and somehow he has to learn how that whole thing works. My thought it that watching the Bachelor will be a teaching tool for what NOT to do.

Guess what?

He gets it. Totally gets it.

As he watched Jason (this season's Bachelor) kiss one girl after the other tonight he boldly proclaimed that "he is so getting meningitis! I bet he has to have a flu and meningitis shot every other day!"

My lips are sealed. As long as his needle phobia keeps him from locking lips with girls, then I see no reason why he needs to understand anything differently now.

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Anonymous said...

I love kids.. gosh, is he still a kid? I remember him being a baby! Makes me feel old, but I'm not!!