Sunday, December 28, 2008


"Step, step, side to side"

Small steps, derriere under.

"Round and round. Dip and Glide."

Breathe in through the nose two steps; out through the mouth for two more.

"Separate. Bring it back."

Relax the shoulders.

"Now let me see you do the love slide."

Keep the arms in close.

Sadly enough, it was R. Kelly rather than J.T carrying me through mile three tonight.

The focus on form though has been the theme of each run I have been on since re-entering my own little jog world. I have realized one thing, that pre-hip mess there was no thought into form. It was natural, easy and part of my routine. No conscience effort was required.

So, through hard work, determination and practice my approach to workouts will change. I will grow and change. Less focus on the form and more focus on the function of what I am doing. Once the form becomes emeshed into my runs again, then I can start to grow and change in other areas like pace and distance. Are you starting to pick up on the repeated use of the word change here?

Recently, I was challenged by someone with the view that "people don't change. We are who we are and there is nothing that can be done about it." Mind you, in nearly the same breath this person explained to me that I had changed drastically over the past several months.

But, for a moment I would like to get on my soapbox. Everyone is capable of change. We change and grow continually in our lives. If we aren't growing and changing, then we become stagnant, boring people.

Now, I will agree that change is uncomfortable for many and not usually an easy thing to endure. But, it does happen. And sometimes, just sometimes, you might be pleasantly surprised that the growing pains endured results in a growth in our lives that is immeasurable. But, we have to be willing and open to the effort required.

So, I will continue to diligently sing my running song like so:

Breath in through the nose for two. Out through the mouth another two.

"I know one things for sure..."

Derriere under. Small steps.

"...I'm gonna put on my dancin shoes tonight."

Tighten the core. Shoulders down and relaxed.

"...then I'mma hit the door. And go out and step the whole night through."

and know that one day, I can get back to running along to the pace of J.T. serenading me with Sexy Back without having to other focusing on anything but how I am really bringing sexy back!

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