Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day

Saturday, February 12, 2011

iPhone Dump and a List

My iPhone has 456 pictures on it and approximately 367 of those pictures are of my sweet niece. Today I am going to share a few of the latest. But, I'll hold off on sharing too many pictures of the sweetest and cutest baby ever. It's my attempt to leave you wanting more. So all three of my loyal readers will come back again one day.

1. If this does not leave a forever picture in your mind when you hear the saying "sleep like a baby" then I don't know what would?
Sleepy baby 2

2. Possibly something like this?

SLeepy Baby

3. I'm in love with this guy. Today we are celebrating our love for each other. WHAT am I thinking?
Rock on MJ

4. Michael Jackson took Griffin and me to see a basketball game and we sat on the fourth row. It was a new perspective for me on the game. Those guys are giants. Huge. I had not idea. TV does NOT do them justice.

5. My BFF from High School decided to take a stroll down memory lane and came across this picture. We were 18 year old, college students. I won't reveal all the details about the story behind this picture, but it included a botched hair cut, a road trip, a cheap motel, and Aggie Land. Oh, and lots of hair spray...always lots of hair spray.
D & A Bad haircut road trip

6. My love again. Not so much a giant on the basketball court, but amazing none the less.

7. Griffin is kicking my butt in spin class. He's been gloating in the fact that in the middle of a run to "Fat Bottom Girls" I have to sit my fat butt down for a rest, while he pedals away. He's just a little competitive. Maybe a lot. But, he gets it from his 'fat bottom' mother. We have a very odd relationship. I'll kick his butt next week. Because fat bottom girls....well, make the world go 'round.

Night Vision Sping

8. This is how Ribbon pouts. I tried to call her name 10,000 times to take her picture, but she would not look at me. Who knew Beagles were so sensitive? Good thing they have super short term memories. A mention of food and she was motivated  in seconds to be my best friend again.

Ribbon Pouting

9. Have you ever had Fox's Pizza? I have one across the street and I love. love. love. their pizza. We are on a first name basis with the peeps over there. It's a part of my weekly menu planning, which is precisely why this "fat bottom girl" is struggling in spin class.

Happy Saturday Sweets!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dirty Talk

Today I spent 45 minutes scrubbing the toilet in my 14 year old sons bathroom. And while I was scrubbing said toilet, I thought about an essay that I wrote in Mrs. Elkin's fifth grade English class. The assignment was to write in the first person from the perspective of an inanimate object. I chose a toilet. I did not read that correctly.....a toilet.

All that I can say about that is...Thanks mom! You were one heck of a toilet cleaner because when I was in the fourth grade, I must have had no clue of the potential disgust, filth, and grossness that could accompany a toilet. I feel certain I would have never gone in that creative direction if I had any clue at all.

This essay sits somehwere in my mothers house. And, I am sure it will surface since it's mention in this blog. The details of this essay have not stuck with me over the years. Mainly just the fact that I wrote it and that it was impressionable enough for my mother to say, "be sure you get that back from your teacher after it's graded. That's one I want to hang on too. Forever." At the time, my innocence left me clueless as to her persistence on keeping this essay. In fact, her daily inquiries about whether I had received it back yet only annoyed me. And it was this persistance that made a strong enough impression on me that I vividly remember this writing assignment nearly 30 years later.

In the event that this essay does surface then I may or may not choose to share the details of that story with you. She kept it for a reason. One I am sure will make for a good laugh. But, I'm not sure I am ready to share that laugh with everyone just yet. I'm a vulnerable person, you know.

Back on topic, I have one thing to say here. Boys are disgusting.

Even cute boys like this one. D to the I to the S to the G to the U to the sS to the T to the ING!!!!!

And that's really all there is to say about that.

Warm fuzzies to you,