Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making Spirits Bright

Yesterday, my spirits were made bright when I spied an ad tucked nicely in the corner of my facebook page with an advertisement for this.

Many years ago. Long before the movie was made, I read The Time Traveler's Wife and discovered my passion for a new genre of writing. I like to call it fantasy or fairy tale, but I choose not to include it in the category of science fiction. I'll reserve that for those who choose to embark on the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew.

Speaking of adventures in flight, I'm outta here. About to hop on a jet plane and retturn home. Sure wish I had a good read for the flight.

I guess I'll survive with a nap.

Sweet Dreams 'Yall,


JaeRob said...

ummmm, what happened to Thursday's christmas carol blog??

Amy said...

Just life. Sometimes it seems to get in the way of blogging.

I'll try to make up for that tonight.