Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All I Want For Christmas... my fwo fronf feeph. My fwo fronf feeph.....

Really, I need just one. But, I'm putting it off until after Christmas. It's hardly noticable and it's been months since that granola bar got the best of me. Yes, you heard that right. A granola bar and I went to battle and it won. Chipped a chunk off my already partially artificial front tooth. I'm feeling a little vulnerable right now after revealing that. Please be gentle with me.

Back to the topic at hand.

All I want for Christmas is....

1. Nike + iPod because I want to Rock and Run. Doesn't everybody?

2. Empty Bottle Moments because they are my favorite. And if you find a little time to throw in with that, I'd really appreciate it.

3. Road ID because if I was to be flattened out like a pancake by some speed demon car one night when I was out after dark, at least I'd look fashionable. Especially with the green, purple or red band.

4. Dutch Oven and Iron Skillet because no girl's kitchen is complete without them.

5. MK's Bold Berry Mineral Blush because my cheeks have just been sad since I ran out.

6. Chi Jumbo Round Brush because mine broke in two pieces a year ago and we battle every morning. I used to win, but more often than not that dang brush is winning these days.

7. Dainty little earrings just because I love them so. There are many things on this site I love, but I love the idea of adorning my ears with dangling little mother of pearl pieces. It's the simple things, you know? Too bad they wouldn't be in in time for Christmas.

8. Ruffled Slippers because we've had snow already this winter and it's bound to be the coldest winter yet. My toes just want to stay warm. But, looking cute is a bonus.

9. A little pampering for the feet because I can count on two fingers the number of pedicures I've had this year. Some sweet nail tech really has their work cut out for them when I walk through the door next.

10. Movies, movies, movies because a person can never have a large enough collection of shows worthy of replaying over and over.

I'm calling it quits here. Not because I'm out of items on my wish list. Don't we all have a bit of a running list of wants and desires?  But, because I'm ehausted from spending the last two nights staying up late doing domestic chores. Chores I've been putting off since last week until after Griffin went to bed because we were having so much fun going to Christmas parties, concerts, working on a puzzle, cooking together, and just spending some quality time together.

THAT is the number one thing on my list. Making memories with my kiddo this Holiday season. As much as possible, I'm keeping the stress to a minimum. Sometimes that means spending a little more time with him and his infectious smile. Other times, it means taking a break from him to re-group so that I can be in a better place when we do spend quality time together. All you parents of pre-teens know what I'm talking about.

What about you? Tell me what's on your wish list for this season?

Off I go now to dream sweet dreams of sugar plum fairies.

'Night all,


JaeRob said...

so, if you were going to get the id bracelet, who would you put as your contact people? I mean would you want them to call me if you were hit while running? Remember when you got hit biking to the grocery store on hwy 105???

Amy said... IF I was going to get a bracelet, I would think it might be nice to have the contact information of the person in closest proximity to me. You know, it might just speed up the process a little.

Yes, I was telling that story to someone just the other day. I was so sad that my aqua blue jeans were forever ruined with the black skid marks sustained from sliding acorss the asphalt.

Jennifer.Bellah said...

I enjoyed reading your list Amy! I received "Empty Bottle Moments" from my friend Mary Beth for Christmas last year and I LOVE it. It has wonderful stories about the recipes and I think you would love it too!

Anonymous said...

girl! seriously sad about the granola bar lose. I get it so much.
And I know which Christmas present I'm getting you (wink). That was easy.
It's actually hard to spend time with the kids and make some memories with all the school stuff and concerts and festivities...crazy!!! but fun! I love you girl...d

Amy said...

J.Bell- Yea! A comment from you. I'm thrilled. We need to cook together sometime soon.

DMK- I love you!