Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gotta Love that Guy...I Think?

Last night I watched as the media interviewed Lance Berkman about his latest injury; a type 2 calf strain. When asked how it felt he responded "it feels like a charlie horse...a perpetual charlie horse. For those of you who did not attend Rice, that means 'ongoing.'"

All right wise guy...I'm not sure whether to be entertained by your wit or offended. Was that comment directed at the idiot that asked the question or those of us watching the idiot that asked the question?


I *Heart* You said...

Poor Rice grads - they have so little to brag about other than their vocab! I do love Berkman though it was a clever little dig.

Anonymous Amy said...

LOL! Thanks for the comment. We should all be as clever as Berkman. :)