Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...It's Only a Day Away

Even though he is one of the 'big kids' now, he is still one of the 'little kids.' As I sit and type I am listening to my 'little kid' play basketball with the high school neighbor in the driveway. 'Big kid' is giving directions, instructing and encouraging 'little kid' who lets out a whoop of excitement periodically over his own little job-well-done.

But, less than an hour ago I was sitting across the table in a restaurant from my 'little kid' having a conversation and thinking what a 'big kid' he is becoming. The conversation went something like this:

'Little Kid' (LK): "Mom, what do I do to get rid of this?" (he says while using both hands to grab at his belly)

Mom: "Well, being aware of what you are eating is a good place to start. But, why the sudden concern about changing your appearance" (pertinent information: he added to his chore list last week his own version of a weekly workout regiment. i.e. Mondays and Wednesday- 5 minutes with weights. BTW, I am sure all he heard was blah, blah, blah...)

LK: "You know we have that Spring trip coming up with Orchestra and it's to Splashtown!"

At this point, this LK sitting in front of me all of the sudden became a BIG KID! Thankfully, we are still at this awkward stage of wavering on that line between big and little.

The waiter approaches the table and all of the sudden the fearless LK emerges again and orders a slice of chocolate chip cake. No worries, he assures me. He will start eating better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ok it pretty much saddens me to think of him as a 'Big kid.'Keep him young just for a little while longer please!!! Give him a big hug from me!

JaeRob said...

explain genetics to him and maybe it will ease the worry of weight issues!