Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Gun Show

Today I learned that it is extraordinarily difficult to apply mascara after a very intense arm workout! The trembling upper arms proved to be quite a challenge. I face one of my biggest fears every morning when I put on mascara. You know the incident that most all of us have encountered when the mascara brush leaps directly into your eyeball, coating the inside of your eye with a thick layer of gooey, black goodness followed by an intense watering session that ruins all of the other make up hard work.

Now multiply the fear of that happening by about a ZILLION!

Since my eyes are the smallest thing on my body and need all the enhancement they can get, I feel it necessary to apply the darn stuff to finish out the day. Just as a courtesy to those who I have to be around for the remainder of the day. So, the two handed application technique has been imposed. At least until I get strong enough to get through this workout without the trembles.

But, that will probably be just in time to add more weight and reps. What a vicious cycle!

However, be sure to get your tickets to the gun show. It's gonna be amazing!

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