Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rodent Resident

We have a house guest. One of the four-legged variety. I came across the evidence of this new house guest last weekend as I was cleaning out the garage. The sweet gesture was like a scavenger hunt of rodent droppings through one area of the garage. I can't tell you how glaaaad I was to see that we are extending hospitality to such a guest. Just. thrilled.

So, I mention to G about the garage tenant and explain that we must make a trip to the local Home Depot to get a little meal of the poisonous variety for our new guest. Astonished that mom could be so evil, G proudly proclaimed..."No mom. You have to promise me that we will only get rid of the mouse in a humane way."

His sensitive little heart and desire to protect the innocent thrills me to no end, except when it comes to a four-legged rodent creature on the verge of crossing the threshold of my home and bedroom door. However, it so hard to look into those brown eyes and tell him that without a doubt, I want nothing more than to remove that little rodent friend of ours from the face of the earth and any little buddies or family members that may be tagging along with him.

I caved.

We loaded up the car Monday evening and headed out to make our rodent hotel purchase. As we scoured the aisle of the rodent ridding options available, I had my crossed fingers safely tucked away in my pockets with secret hopes that no 'humane' options existed. Boy was I wrong.

Apparently, someone with a true passion for animal rights has designed several different options for the little rodent to rest in comfortably until he can be transported to a new home. This part raises a question in my mind. Once the rodent resident has been safely captured, do we just take him out back and let him go? maybe down the street? or the neighbors yard? Seriously, disposal instructions are not included. Only a warning that it could be lethal to leave the mouse in the trap for longer than 6-8 hours. Even going so far to explain the slow and painful death that would entail as the mouse would die from dehydration.

Oh my tree hugging friends, please forgive me?!

1 week. That's all G gets to try out his humane efforts at mouse trapping. After that, we are making a return trip to invest in one of each option that will surely have rodent resident meet his demise!

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