Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Texan Day

It's Rodeo season here in Houston. Today, thousands of trail riders descended upon this great city, the smell of pit-smoked barbecue lingers in the air and nearly the entire populace pulls out their cowboy hats, blue jeans and boots for this day. For some reason, unwritten but understood rules exist over the next couple of weeks that govern the appearance of so many fellow Houstonians. Rules like:

1. Men.. there is no need to shave, so sport your after five shadows and full grown beards with pride and

2. Ladies, its ok to get out the blue eye shadow, wear your jeans too tight and curl your hair with those hot rollers. Aquanet sales increase during the month of March in Houston, Texas. Nothing else combats the humidity quite the same.

3. Cowboy hats and boots are considered business, business casual, casual and everything in between.

4. It's ok to be seen drinking a beer with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Whether your a Texas native or you've adopted this great state as your home, you can not deny the spirit in the air during this great season. If you have never experienced it, I encourage you to pull on your boots and mosey on down Houston way sometime in the next couple of weeks to get a little dose of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Spirit yourself.

**Picture compliments of DAV775549 over at Flicker.

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JaeRob said...

Wish we had gotten to go to the Bar B Q cookoff again. Maybe next year!