Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching up...again

Blog neglect. That's what it is. Plain and simple. I've put you on the backburner and I need to apologize. Grovel, in fact. On. my. knees.
Oh loyal sweet community of five, can you please find a way in your heart to forgive me?

I'm feeling as if we have this conversation frequently.

Without further ado, let's just catch up a little, shall we?

This somewhat asmathic boy wasn't feeling well one day, so we made a trip to see our favorite pediatrician.

...and on the way out of the office, he spied this winged, talonned, and injured predatory bird that captured his heart. Captured. his. heart. After begging for a chance at rescuing the winged, talloned, injured creature we spent no less than an hour tracking down a rescue group, gathering supplies for subduing and transporting the bird, and attempting to lure the sweet little thing into the makeshift crate. Only to be mesmerized by his beauty and grace as he flew to the tallest branch of a nearby tree.

Apparently, as the sweet lady from the rescue explained, he may have just been a little shell shocked from flying directly into a paned window moments before we came upon him. But, rest assured he would be just fine.

It's crawfish season, y'all. Spicy, tasty, juicy mud bugs, ready for the eatin'.

And there is no better date night, than crawfish and pool with a 13 year old boy.

He's a shark. Don't ever let him fool you. He'll leave you high and dry. Except maybe when he's had a cold beer or two. Oh, wait. That's me.

This insanely good looking group made their way to a local carnival in hopes of fidning some quality entertainment on pieces of equipment that are taken down, put together, taken down and put together again, taken down; put together (you get the idea) and moved from location to location by the most qualified of all traveling carnival peoples you have ever met. Don't let the fact that they are missing a few teeth fool you. They are absolutely the most proficient ride putter-togetherers you will ever come across. 

Does he meet the height requirement?


We even put our lives in their hands on this one. Call me crazy, but it was all kinds of fun. I promise.

But this. This was pure heaven. Melt in your mouth goodness. Good thing I made it through that ride without meeting my sweet Jesus so I could savor one more of these in my lifetime. 

A road trip ensued that entailed much in the way of laughter, good tunes, wine, food, and navigational assistance of all sorts. Plus a little dancing in the streets. No road trip is complete without that.
Now go forth and dance in the streets. It's an exhilerating experience that you will never forget. Imagine the possibilities if everyone just stopped occasionally and danced in the street?



Christi said...

Hey....remember when we tried to mkae funnel cakes at my house and nearly burned it down? And I have tons of memories of rescuing birds (and other animals), so he comes by that VERY naturally! :-)

Amy said...

YES. I think about those funnel cakes every time I eat one! Ha. Good times!