Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

25 Things I want to tell you, my love.

1. Jesus loves you very much and you were created perfect in His image.
2. Be careful about the friends you chose.
3. Things will be what you make of them. We all have a choice about how to respond to our circumstances.
4. There are times for reactions and times for responses. Be sure to carefully and thoughtfully respond when it is required, rather than react.
5. Dating is for finding your wife one day.
6. Toast is just better with butter on it.
7. Chew your food with your mouth closed.
8. Never wear white socks with black or brown shoes.
9. Pray about it and then chose.
10. Always remember your restaurant manners.
11. Tomorrow is a new day.
12. Chocolate in the form of warm, gooey brownies is near to perfection.
13. Buy her flowers.
14. Learn to listen. And listen for when you should reply.
15. Part of being responsible is doing what you are expected to do even when no one is there to make sure you do it.
16. Find something your passionate about and be passionate about it.
17. Life isn't always easy, but rewards will come from your committment to perservere.
18. Sometimes you have to go to your room and find a smile and then come back.
19. We only have one body, so take care of it.
20. Read often. It's the least expensive journey you will ever take and you can do it anytime and go anywhere.
21. Please, please, please don't smack your gum.
22. Embrace your family.
23. It's like medicine for your soul to escape from the daily routine of life every now and again.
24. Gaurd your heart.
25. Be purposeful and authentic always.

With all of my heart,


Jill said...

26. Cherish your Aunt, she will always be on your side - no matter what!!

Amy said...

I'm thinking that should be closer to the top!

Christi said...

what about your second cousin??? :-)

Amy said...

27. Cousins are the best and you should always keep a special place in your heart for them!