Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Love

Today I'm glad it's Friday because...

1. Tomorrow I do not have to wake up to an alarm. Although, I will. I just know I don't have to and that makes it so much sweeter.

2. My most handsome boy comes home today from being gone for the week to ther ultimate adventure known as Beach Retreat. You can check out some of what he's been up to here.  Seriously, my summer camps were never like that. Ever. Not even my weeks at Forst Glen for GA Camp or Mt. Carmel. But, those are posts for another day. DISCLAIMER: Those websites do not do justice to the "roughing" it we did over 20 years ago. YIKES! That sounds like a loooong time ago.

3. My to do list for today isn't too long.

4. I'm looking forward to a Sunday dinner for the Pops in honor of Father's Day and spending sweet time with family and friends. Besides, there is major food involved with these plans. How can one not hold a special place in their heart for a scrumptious meal prepared with Dad in mind? Meat, potatoes, and something sweet to top it off. mouth is watering already and my waist line is screaming!

Lovin' It,

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