Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday on a Friday.... it possible?

I arrived downtown this morning and parked my car in the garage on the seventh floor. Took the elevator down and walked across the street to the tunnel access that leads me to my office building. Jumped on the elevator and rode up to the 21st floor.

Settling in my desk, I realize I forgot my glasses in my car. So, I hop the elevator back down the 21 floors to the tunnel. Which I follow to the street that crosses to the parking garage. Walk to the garage and get on the elevator to the 7th floor where I parked.

Breathe a sigh of relief that the glasses were actually in the car. Lock up and return. Down the elevator to the first floor. Back out of the garage, across the street, and to the tunnel. Up the elevator I treck to the 21st floor where I enter my office and proceed to move on with my day.

By the time, no less than 35 minutes have elapsed. All to just settled in at work and logged into the computer.

Outlook opens and up pops a message from a co-worker.

Subject:: Ur car

Message: Inside lights are on

Back to the elevator for the ride down 21 floors to the tunnel. Through the tunnel to the street access to cross and enter the parking garage. Up the garage elevator to the 7th floor where my car is glowing in the dark of the garage.

Turn the light out.

Proceed to the nearest elevator to go back down the 7 floors to the garage exit and cross the street to enter the tunnel which takes me to the building elevators where I head back up to the 21st floor.

Time elapsed now nearly 1 hour. Are you tired yet? I'm exhausted.

So glad I chose to wear the heels over the flats today.

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Happy Friday,


Anon E. Mouse said...

Glad u weren't stuck in ur car in a downtown garage. It wouldn't have been a great start to ur weekend. :-D

patti said...

WOW.... I am really tired! Glad I don't work in your building ~