Thursday, November 5, 2009

Watching the wrong movies.

I needed this reminder today. I need this reminder everyday.

Watching the wrong movies.

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JaeRob said...

we ALL need this reminder everyday. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the bad times that we think scarred us for life that we forget about all the happy times that made us who we really are!! Love you!

Amy said...

Thanks! I had not thought about it from your perspective.

The difference between conviction and condemnation was what really hit home for me this morning when I read this. It's one thing for memories of the past to be viewed as teachable moments and used as a reference point for the things we dont want to repeat. It is quite another to obsess over our faults and errors until they bring us down in our self esteem and we loose site of the forgiveness, grace and mercy of the Lord.

JaeRob said...

Oh Amy, you will forever be the analyst! You read a whole lot deeper into that than I did.

Janee said...

Thanks for posting this, Amy. I think the "no condemnation" issue is one of the biggest problems Christians deal with, particularly for those of us who were raised in a very strict, fundamental church background. We focus on all the bad things we have done instead of the incredible grace and mercy of God that covers EVERYTHING. We forget that we are each so "precious in His sight", made in His image and that it is His choice to delight in us!