Sunday, November 22, 2009

Child of Another Mother

Hello. I'd like to introduce you to Ribbon.

She is my other child. And she really, really loves me.

She loves me almost as much as she loves food. Or anything that resembles food. Or pretty much anything that will fit in her mouth. Whether is resembles food or not doesn't really matter much to her.

Her next favorite thing, besides the food and me, is basking in the warm sunshine. It's the only time she sits still. Unless she is sleeping, of course. There is some medicinal  and calming effect in the sunshine that works similar to Ritalin on a person with Attention Deficit Disorder. By the way, I'm pretty sure she has the dog version of ADD. They have that, don't they?

Look at that irrisistible face. Cute, huh? I don't get to tell her very often. Mostly because I tend to loose my status as the Alpha when I use that sweet, tender voice. And, we are constantly vying for that position. Beagles are stong willed dogs, yall. Who knew?! Snoopy never gave us a hint of that at all.

I've lost this battle though. Mostly because I've resolved to choose my battles carefully and she has no interest in the clean dishes. Phew!

But, here you see. I am in charge. Just call me Alpha. Alpha with a fun-kee callus on my foot. Please, excuse that.

Oh, those ears. They are killing me. And those wrinkles on her chin. There is nothing softer in this world. Well, maybe my love handles. But, not much else.

Time to sign off now and go get a handful of that softness before hitting the hay.

'Night all.


JaeRob said...

Good reading for me today. The first thing to make me smile, other than my little Gigi :-)

JaeRob said...

Good reading for me today. This is the first thing to make me smile, other than my Gigi this morning :-)

Anonymous said...

Freaking. Cute. Can't wait to see ya Thursday! Liz

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie and you are right - she LOVES you the best! ALthough intended to be a gift / best pal for Griffin, she has ended up being that to you!