Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More chick, chick, chicken

A couple of weeks ago I petitioned you, dear readers, for suggestions on new restaurant ideas in the Houston area. Not one suggestion posted from you. Tsk, Tsk. But, that's ok. I'm guessing your dining experiences are limited to the familiar. So, I'm going to share some of our choices with you.

Honestly, (don't you just hate it when people begin a sentence like that? I do.) I had one suggestion, but it wasn't posted. And guess what? That's where we went.

Maybe the adventure bug will bite you and you can get out too and enjoy (or luckily avoid) some of the cuisine Griffin and I happen upon.

We visited Pronto Cucinino.

Isn't that fun to say? It just sort of rolls of the tongue. Pron-TO Cu-ci-ni-no.

I like to say Pronto. Prrrron-to. Sort of roll the r's. You like it too, huh?

It reminds me of my dad beckoning me for the car on Sunday mornings for church. "Let's GO girls! Get in the car. PronTO!"

It's Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine on the cheap. Delicious, inexpensive, Italian goodness.

And little did I know, it was part of the Mandola family's restaurants. No wonder the food was so good. If you aren't familiar with the Mandola family, you should be. They have these great little places close to downtown called Nino's, Vincent's, and Grappino's di Nino. Those are Italian goodness too. Not so much on the thrifty side. But, worth every cent you spend there.

Back to Pronto's. Pronto.

It's a little like a deli on the inside. You pass all kinds of baked goods, beautiful wine racks and Rotisserie chickens in an open-brick Rotisserie as you walk up to place your order.

Make your way through the crowd on a Friday night and choose a table to wait for your food to be served. Pronto!

Basically, you get chicken when you order. Any way you can imagine it prepared. Italian style of course. But, it's all about the chicken. And boy, is it good bird. Probably slightly better than mine.

The chicken marsala with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus were a treat for the pallet. One great thing that I absolutely loved was the portion sizes were spot on. Nothing extravagant like you get in most places. This was fairly healthy, scrumptious cooking, served in the right proportions.

So, get your butts on over to your nearest Prontot Cucinino and enjoy the heck out of some chicken, my friends. Pronto!

PS. Don't forget to leave suggestions anytime. Griff and I have many more date nights ahead and need suggestions.

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