Sunday, August 23, 2009

Four score and seven years ago

...not really. But close. Very, very close.

How about twenty three years ago. That's a little better. I stepped into the halls of Austin Middle School to embark on a journey through the best two years of school I would ever have known. In my seventh grade year alone, I got my first perm tragedy, I know but it was so cool then started wearing bras and makeup, got my period and I can hear you saying "TMI, TMI, Amy!" but stick with me. It won't be that bad. I promise! and my first boyfriend which also came with my first breakup. I Became real BFF's with a girl that lived just a few houses down from me, was introduced to Sweet Valley High and got my first pair of "high heeled" shoes which if I remember correctly, were no more than a pair of grandma like Hush Puppy 1/4" pumps. But they were "heels" none the less.

It was most definitely the best of times.

Tomorrow I send my son off to his first day of seventh grade. The same year that was so monumental in my own life. This year is going to bring so many adventures for G and part of me can't wait to see how it all unfolds, while another part of me would just like to stop time. Rewind a few years and do it all again.

But wait, that might mean diapers and midnight feedings again. Hold that thought!

It's funny how the first day of school becomes a time of reflection for so many people. As the first day of school nears, I keep my ears tuned because people start to reminisce and this can get quite entertaining. In the sheer joy of reliving experiences and adventures of years past, people tend to let some juicy details slip.

The odd thing is that when we celebrate G's birthday's every year I tend to think about this day as a moment in time; the actual day of birth; a series of events within a certain day that brought this beautiful child into my life. When the celebration really seems to point in the direction of the life lived up to that moment and what the future holds. But, I loose sight of that because of the sheer magnitude of joy that came into my life on that one day.

But to me the first day of school has become that celebration. Reflections of all that was accomplished the prior year flood my mind and my imagination runs wild with the adventures the new year will hold. This is mostly because I do a lot of comparing to my own experiences, which seemed to get bolder and more adventurous through the years. And that really scares the pants off me.

Happy First Day of School, G! Hope it's as full of fun and good times for you as it was for me.

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