Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bacon with those Waffles?

Monday night about 9:30pm I am driving west on I-10 out of Beaumont.

It always seems somewhat bittersweet to leave my hometown, as visits are typically short and being the sentimental person that I am, every corner brings back a memory. Each short trip makes for a lot of re-living, which can get to be a little exhausting at times. But, before the exhaustion fully sets in this time I look into my rear view mirror and take one last glance at the glowing lights of hotels, restaurants, the new Ford park and baseball fields where used to stand nothing but a lonely hotel on the outskirts of town and a bunch of empty fields. As I have watched the changing landscape of this town I once called home over the years, I am ever amazed at how quickly and drastically things can be transformed.

I am deep in thought about the complexities of changes and the evolution of our lives when suddenly I hear my offspring in the backseat pipe up with a little of his own insight.

" know how I know when we are in Beaumont? There is a Waffle House on every corner."

So true. So very, very true.

And as I raise my head to catch his eye in my rear view mirror and to catch a quick glimpse of the pride on his face as he realizes he has just made one huge observation, I see notne other than the soft yellow glow of the Waffle House sign.
In the town of Beaumont and the small surrounding communities, there are EIGHT Waffle House restaurants. Beaumont, population 110,000 needs 5 Waffle House alone to accommodate all those breakfast eatin' folks.
Dang, that's a lot of waffles and bacon. Because you can't hardly enjoy waffles without the side of bacon.


JaeRob said...

I had no idea you were in bmt til Christi told me on Tuesday. I find this blog interesting since i always get the impression you can't stand Beaumont? Guesss I read that one wrong, lol! Maybe next time you come to Beaumont, we can meet up at one of the 8 waffle houses? what do you think? my treat!

Anonymous said...

Oh Beaumont, lovely Beaumont. I LOVE Waffle House so to me, 8 isnt even enough. I think were going to try and come down for Thanksgiving this year. Tell me you and Griff will be there!

Jori said...

Thank you for the laughs today!! Love it! I must admit I've never eaten at a Waffle House...guess I should get on top of that.

Anonymous Amy said...

Jori- we have to fix that. Next time we eat out- Waffle House is the pick.

Liz and Jill- How about a new family Holiday tradition...the entire family goes to Waffle House for a meal. If you still want to treat Jill, I am sure no one will mind?! ;)

Love you guys!