Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

The weekend festivities kicked off with fiesta dinner to celebrate the fact that this guy successfully received full credit for his Biology course and didn't have to find out what summer school was all about. It's been a nail biter of a year.

Live music on the patio, amazing weather, and some very cool friends was the perfect recipe for fun! There may or may not have been scandelous behavior that took place.

After a rejuvenating Sunday morning at church, a little pool time relaxing just what I needed.

Memorial Day Monday was a day for rest, relaxation, and reflection, but only after a morning run. I have a 5K event coming up this next weekend and training has been a little inconsistent and hardly considered training lately.

Have you seen We Were Soldiers? In honor of Memorial Day, we lit up the grill and watched this beautiful story.

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!
Ciao' friends,

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