Monday, May 28, 2012


I never want to treat anything in life as if it isn't worth celebrating, or that it is too ordinary to deserve extraordinary attention and appreciation. I want to settle in to life and always bring the best of myself right where I am recognizing that even if it's less than ideal, it's better than nothing.

Lately life has proved to be riddled with challenges. Life is funny that way....the cycle slows down and then ramps up again. Sometimes it's as quick as an unforeseen drop on a roller coaster and other times you can feel yourself climbing to a peak on the track with the ticking sound of the tracks, like time, in your ears. You anticipate the inevitable drop that may shake you to your core or be ever so slight that it barely begs much attention at all.

"Life is too short."
"You should live each day to it's fullest."
"Carpe diem."

I've professed these things many times in my life and hold them in my heart as precious beliefs. However, I flounder in the execution. More often than not, I fail to celebrate or give extraordinary attention and appreciation to my less than ideal life.

So, as I sit this morning with coffee in hand savoring each sip, soaking in the sunshine that flows through the windows, graciously thinking about the sum of my life experiences, and anticipating the joys that are yet to be had this day.

Seizing the day,

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