Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dirty Talk

Today I spent 45 minutes scrubbing the toilet in my 14 year old sons bathroom. And while I was scrubbing said toilet, I thought about an essay that I wrote in Mrs. Elkin's fifth grade English class. The assignment was to write in the first person from the perspective of an inanimate object. I chose a toilet. I did not stutter....you read that correctly.....a toilet.

All that I can say about that is...Thanks mom! You were one heck of a toilet cleaner because when I was in the fourth grade, I must have had no clue of the potential disgust, filth, and grossness that could accompany a toilet. I feel certain I would have never gone in that creative direction if I had any clue at all.

This essay sits somehwere in my mothers house. And, I am sure it will surface since it's mention in this blog. The details of this essay have not stuck with me over the years. Mainly just the fact that I wrote it and that it was impressionable enough for my mother to say, "be sure you get that back from your teacher after it's graded. That's one I want to hang on too. Forever." At the time, my innocence left me clueless as to her persistence on keeping this essay. In fact, her daily inquiries about whether I had received it back yet only annoyed me. And it was this persistance that made a strong enough impression on me that I vividly remember this writing assignment nearly 30 years later.

In the event that this essay does surface then I may or may not choose to share the details of that story with you. She kept it for a reason. One I am sure will make for a good laugh. But, I'm not sure I am ready to share that laugh with everyone just yet. I'm a vulnerable person, you know.

Back on topic, I have one thing to say here. Boys are disgusting.

Even cute boys like this one. D to the I to the S to the G to the U to the sS to the T to the ING!!!!!

And that's really all there is to say about that.

Warm fuzzies to you,

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Christi said...

Hillarious and so true!