Friday, January 15, 2010

Endless Needs

"The sun is about to come up. The aftershocks continue. Some more noticeable than others. There is no way to even begin to share the things we’ve heard and seen since 5pm yesterday. To do so would take hours that we don’t have to give right now. Some of them feel wrong to tell. Like only God should know these personal horrible tragedies. "
From a missionary family serving in Haiti. Read more here.

These days are full of needs beyond most of our comprehension. The horrific situation over in Haiti weighs heavily on my heart right now. As help has begun to trickle in the last 24 hours, more and more images are flooding the media. Splashed across television, the internet, newspapers, and everywhere in between Haiti's desperation is being forced into our living rooms.

This one brings tears to my eyes of both joy and sadness. What appears to be a rescued child, may now be an orphan.

I'm praying for this community. The people. The rescue workers and first responders. The physicians and politicians. The children and their teachers. The parents, siblings, sons, and daughters. The family's of those lost and those found.

Please join me in these prayers.

Remember this little bit of adorableness.

Well, she needs your prayers too. She is a little sick right now. Well, actually she is a little sick all of the time, but she is a LOT sick right now. She may be heading back into the hospital this weekend. She has visited the hospital more times in her short little four years of life than any of us would care to even think about.

Yet, she still smiles like this on her good days.

Her Mommy could use some prayers too. She fulfills the role of the brave, nurturing, and patient mommy better than anyone I have ever seen. She calmly administers painful treatments to her daughter while trying to re-direct her attention with songs and happy faces. Bravely, she packs her three children into the car and faces trepid weather and cantankerous kids to visit the doctor on a more than frequent basis. Patiently, she faces many sleepless nights with the sick one.

Routinely, like most mothers she
visits the grocery store,
washes the clothes,
cleans the house,
changes diapers,
cooks dinner,
pays bills,
irons clothes,
gives baths,
washes hair,
packs bags,
unpacks bags,

and then, as if she needs more to do she

runs a business,
answering emails,
fielding phone calls,
managing people,
manageing events,
hiring and firing,
and all of the other responsibilities that come along with that.

My guess is....she's exhausted. She's broken on the inside from putting on the brave face while watching the agony of her own offspring crying in pain and desperation. She's desperate for her daughter to just have a run of the mill cold that goes away in 3-5 days.  She's in need of a kid-less day for a pedicure and a haircut, but she'd probably settle for a 2 hour nap and a day with no Dr. appointments or phone calls.

Please join me in praying for this little one and her mommy and the rest of their family.

Blessings to all,


Kathy said...

Oh Amy - you have captured the essence and need so eloquently. I am so blessed to have you as a daughter.

Aunt Patti said...

Oh Amy..thank you for your very sweet and sincere thoughts about Christi and Zoey. Thank you too for your prayers and request for prayers for them.
The picture was adorable too... thank you for caring!
I love you so very much,
Aunt Patti

Amy said...

Thanks, mom. I love you.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Sweet words, Patti. I love you too!

Christi said...

thanks know that made me cry. You are so thoughtful and my baby girl just loves you so so much just like I do! Funny, I read your blog all of the time, but missed this one over the last week, and I believe that everyone's prayers are healing her one day at a time.
Love you.

Amy said...

I love you too Christi and all those little kiddos. Wish we were all closer, so we could help you out more.

Hopefully, you dried up those tears and got a little chuckle out the video posted today. I haven't watched TV in two weeks, but heard about this guy and came across the re-mix. Gave me a good chuckle. Hope you got one too!