Monday, January 11, 2010

The Back Burner

Ever wonder what a blog on the back burner looks like?

Well, if you have stumbled across this site once or twice recently, then your getting a first hand look my friends. It's sad really because there is so much to share.

Hopefully, you won't hold it against me that I am a bit neglectful. Please? Pretty please? I'm on my knees here.

This stint will probably last a couple of months, but I'll do my best to get in a quick post every now and again. Regular post (well as "regular" as they ever are) should resume March 1.

So, stay with me. Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top? I'll throw in a cherry too?

I want to make a deal with you. You add the substance for the blog today. I'd love to hear how you spent your weekend. Bundled by a fire during this acrtic blast? Or cooking something to warm your soul in the kitchen? Or did you do something crazy like go outdoors and risk turning into a popsicle? Tell me all the details in a comment. Please? Pretty please?

Hoping you all had swell weekends,

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