Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Story in the Funny Category

I have this story from an event that happened last week. I've shared it with a few friends. They are still laughing. So am I. So I thought I would spread some laughter and share the story with you too. Because laughter is just good for the soul.

As you may or may not know, I have been struggling for over a year now with a hip injury that just won't seem to leave me alone. I began a running program almost 2 years ago and six months into it, my lame hip appeared. Well, I have attempted to resume a normal running program over and over and over again since that time. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to get back to a normal, pain free running routine. Which leads me to the funny story.

I decided it was time for another opinion with a different doctor. After reviewing my films from the MRI a year before, he informed me that I had a labral tear and wanted a repeat MRI of the entire pelvic region to rule out any other issues that might be contributing to the pain.

Off I go to the imaging center where I meet this weaselly looking little fellow that was sporting a shady looking mustache and smelled of a stale cigarette. He was just that kind of person that invaded your personal space and creeped you just a little more than a horror film.

As I lie in the ceramic tube listening to what sounds like clambering hammers with birds chirping in the background, I began to recount the previous conversation with said weaselly man. I'll just have you know in advance, that it caused me to laugh uncontrollably right in the middle of the second set of images. Guess what happened next? Repeat that set of images. Fifteen more minutes stuck in the tube. But, oh the laugh was so worth the extra time.

Your dying to know now aren't you?

Ok, ok. Here you go.

Weaselly man: (in my personal space. big time) Here is the dressing room. Just get down to your panties and slip that gown on. When you come out, lock the door behind you. By the way, how did you tear your labia?
Me: (annoyed and preoccupied with this guys invasion of my personal space and the fact that he just used the word panties. i've never had a problem with the word 'panties' until just in that moment. it just seemed a little creepy then) Jogging.
Weaselly man: Really?!!? How long have you had a torn labia?
Me: (still annoyed with this guy and concerned about his awful body odor of stale cigarettes and how long I would have to endure that in this confined room) over a year now.

So, are you laughing yet? I still can't believe it did not dawn on me until half way through the MRI what he said. Does this guy know what he said? Does he really think I tore my labia? Was this some kind of Freudian slip? (Is that what you call it?)
Regardless, it's funny. Darn funny.Besides that, is it even possible to have that type of injury? Ouch. Again, I say OUCH!

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