Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Foul Mouth Sailor

Sunday night while having dinner with a friend and his kids, the conversation topic was (for a brief moment because that's really all you get with three pre-teens at the table) over the use of profanity. Brought up entirely by the kids, but so relevant at the time (i.e. recent struggles with my own child's use of the wash-your-mouth-out kind of language and just a personal offense to the everyday, thoughtless and careless use of such language).

But the oh-so-smart statement that was made to all those foul-mouthed sailors out there....

"using bad words is a sign of your IQ. It just means you can't think of more intelligent words to use."

Love it! Love. it. Love, love, love it!

Don't get me wrong, as my friend Jori would say, there is much appreciation to be had for the well placed curse word. It's the unwarranted, nonessential, flippant use of such words that appall me.

Timely enough, the JHigh pastor over at church, posted a link to another pastor's video on such topic. Just thought I'd share.

The habit of changing is not easy. I know that first hand, habits are hard to break. However, I was given some advice recently that can be applied to so many situations, "we grow more in times of stress. Just like when we exercise our muscles by working out; we strain them and stress them and even deprive them of oxygen in order for them to grow and fine tune, so does our own character."

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