Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Abi-lene, Abi-lene

Be still my heart! I'm in Abilene and there's a rodeo in town which means no shortage of stud- muffin cowboys my friends!

Big trucks rumble by pulling horse trailers, with windows rolled down. I catch a glimpse of a tanned, weathered face peering beneath the worn edge of a straw cowboy hat and my heart melts. just. like. that.

No sooner does my heart get back on track when swaggers passed me in a restaurant a group of dirt, dusted wrangler wearing men with plaid snap front shirts bearing forearms that make Popeye look like a wimp. Oh, for the sweet love of Jesus, can I please just take one of you home with me?!

I'm so thankful to have the next three days to soak in even more of the spectacular scenery which also means I have some time to convince one of these sweet creatures that he could hitch up his horse in the backyard and stick around in Katy a while. We have rodeo's there, right?!

So, here is to sweet dreams in Abi-lene!

Abi-lene, Abi-lene...Prettiest town I've ever seen (well, I'm not so sure about that line).

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