Thursday, June 7, 2012

A letter to my son

Dearest Griffin,

My sweet, sweet child.

First, let me say that I hope you are having the time of your life out there in Orange Beach, AL with those other 1,999 high schoolers.

Second, you should know that your frog care request and instructions are being followed to a T. Well almost. The frog is still alive and being fed, but I may have gotten his scheduled feeding times all off. Since he isn't dead yet, I can only guess I must be doing something right.

Third, your dog misses you!

And now, I have to  get to the point of this letter. You should know that all the work you do around here to help me out is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Since you've been gone I have:

  • unloaded the dishwasher twice
  • taken the garbage out on garbage day and brought the garbage can back in at the end of the day
  • taken out the recycle bin on recycle day and rolled that sucker back in at the end of the day too
  • watered the yard
  • fed the dog
  • walked the dog
  • dusted the furniture
  • vacuumed the floors
  • cleaned up the after dinner dishes (although its pretty much limited to my cereal bowl for dinner) 

It's gonna be a looooooong summer without you here! Please come home soon.

Much Obliged,


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Christi said...

Okay, I totally missed this post in the midst of summer madness, but LOVE it! You are a great mom and have raised a fantastic kid. I got a huge chuckle out of it, but also made me see that all those little daily fights we have with them when they are younger over doing chores, does pay off down the line! Keep it up Griffin, and've raised a great young man (who, by the way, I still can't believe is driving). Where did those years go????