Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Near and Dear To My Heart

When I was a child I wore a locket often that belonged to my Aunt Wanda. It was a tiny locket that was fit for a child.  Gold inscribed with a "W," it had the slightest indentations on the back where the teeth of an indelible child left their mark. It has escaped my memory whether there were pictures or other treasures within the locket, but the mystery surrounding Aunt Wanda and her short life was my treasure.

I recall wearing it often. Standing in front of my mother's brown leather jewelry box on Sunday mornings before church, she would lean forward to fasten the necklace around my neck. Her own gold necklace would dangle in my face and as I leaned forward and swept my hair up I inhaled her sweet smell of perfume and she would fasten the treasure around my neck.

Thus began my love affair with lockets.

So, in the spirit of the Holidays which seems to be the onset of intense nostalgia  for me I could not pass up the opportunity to share this with you.

Locket love = Vintage Art Lockets at Verabel on Etsy.

I have a thing for birds. The majesty of the peacock plumage is a-maz-ing!

Did you know the females were appropriately called peahens rather than peacocks? Just a little fact, ladies. Tuck that away for your next game of trivia.

 Swoon. If I had this locket, I would tuck away the sweetest mementos of my very own dreamboat.

And isn't this the sweetest mother's locket? It would only be fitting to store the smallest and most precious of faces inside and wear them close to your heart always. 
little G 3 1960'

Maybe something like this that captures his sweetness and innocence...
Little G 2 BW

...or possibly this. Oh dang, he's a cutie pie!

Merry Thanksgiving Eve to all,

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