Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The hat makes the man

....or does the man, make the hat?

My little man, is growing up so quickly. Before my very eyes, he is going through daily transformations. This season of life that he is in, is a constant state of flux.

Everything from his style of dress, to his desire to snuggle up to his mom on the sofa is changing. Rapidly. Almost a little too rapidly, if you ask me. If it was up to me, we'd pull the emergency brake on all of this growing stuff. We might even shift into reverse a little. But, that's just the selfish side of me.

Or maybe it's my aching womb.
Or it could just be the side that just doesn't want my baby to be leaving so soon. Like five more years to 18, soon!
Or maybe it's the intense baby fever that I have been battling, since the cutest little girl ever entered this world.
Or possibly I'm that mom that just doesn't want to let go. Can you say control freak? (Acknowledgement is the first step in solving your problems, people. I do know that. I'm working on it. )
Or possibly, I just want to smell the top of a new baby's head and squeeze the fat, rolled wrinkles on their thighs.
Or maybe, I am beginning to recognize that another woman will soon be moving into my territory. Cooking his meals, washing his clothes, picking up his stinky socks off the floor. Come to think of it, this might not be such a bad deal after all.

Regardless of how I feel about it though, he's changing. And there is nothing that I can do to stop it. No matter how loud I yell, "STOP IT!!!" (And I do that often.)

Griff and the fedora 6

On a recent excursion to the mall, he became adamant about findhing a hat. Something that was cool. Cooler than cool.

So, Coolio decided to try them on. Only there wasn't a mirror near every stop we made. Enter the iPhone camera. Lucky for you.

Griff and the fedora 5

Coolio wanted something that would capture his character. Something that would turn heads, but not draw so much attention that people gawked and gasped. Although, sometimes he likes to make people gawk and gasp when he drinks Dr. Pepper and belches in public.

Griff and the fedora 3

"It needs to be flattering to my face, mom. You know I inherited these big cheeks from you and although they are adorable and all of the girls love them, I need something that doesn't make my face look fat."

I've got your back, kid. I would never let you purchase something unflattering.

Griff and the fedora 2

Possibly the green would add just the right touch. A little fedora flare in green plaid? I like it. He doesn't. He says it screams "PIMP." What do you think?

All you need to go with this one is a pinstriped suit and some wing tipped shoes, big guy!

Griff and the fedora 4

"MOM, I have to have it."


"Yes. Pretty, please with sugar on top?"

But, I said I wouldn't let you go there and get something that didn't bring out your best features.

"But, mooooommmmm! I haaaavve to haaaaave it. Please, please, please. Think of how it will help when I mow the grass to protect my skin."

Sold, to the kid with the best character and sales pitch in the world.

Keeping it cool with Coolio,


Jill said...

Love, love, love this post. Probably my favorite!

Anonymous said...

HAHA this post is hilarious!! .....5 years till he's 18?? Are you sure?? You're kidding right?? Did I mention I was his age when I met and fell in love with my husband.. Now THAT is scarry!!

Amy said...

No, Liz, I did not know you were 13 when you met Jimmy. Girls mature wayyyy faster than boys though, right??? :0

Christi said...

Oh Elizabeth that is scary.....griffin still feels like a kid to me! Amy, great post and I love the photos! He is the most handsome and coolest 13 year old boy I know! :-)