Saturday, July 24, 2010

This one is for you, CL

This post is specifically put together with one person in mind in an effort to provide a brief update on our lives. However, I know those 4 or 5 loyal readers out there will appreciate the post as well. Whether you come her for my impecible photography skills, or my mad writing skillz, or the always entertianing wit, I know you will find something in here to suit all of you.

Just before school got out, Griffin and I (and I stresss the I) had to make a mad dash to creatively overcome some failing grades that just happened to pop up as he was about to be inducted into the National Junior Honors Society. By the hair of his our chinny, chin, chin, he scraped by and was able to take his oath the maintain honorable character, service, and GRADES for the upcoming school year.

We celebrated with family.

And ice cream.

Hi, Nana. Did you just partake of some tasty frozen custard? And watch your most adorable grandson hold his head high as he claimed his right to the National Junior Honor Society? And, also a little birdy told me you had a birthday recently? Is that true? No way.

Like mother, like daughter.
Disclaimer: Not the same ice cream celebration. I really "heart" ice cream in the summer. I try to take advantage of it every chance I get.

It was a good thing this Spring I was running so much. It helped to give me a better starting place for all those ice cream calories.

Here I am running like the wind in May. Well, there was no so much wind that day. But, lots of humidity. That smile on my face is deceiving people. My thoughts went a little something like this...

"Thank you Lord for legs to run,
Thank you Lord for helping me to survive the previous 13 miles,
Thank you Lord for letting me see the finish line in the next .1 miles,
Lord, please don't let anyone be in my way when I cross that finish line, lest they get baptized in my vomit."

After a few dry heaves, a bottle of water, and a sweet Medal I am feeling better.
Hi there boyfriend/running partner! What? You crossed the finish line about 45 minutes ago? Were you born in Kenya? No really, I am serious?

Looky here, my other favorite guy on the right. He's going to be a big, black Panther mascot this next year for Junior High. He gets to hang out with the cheerleaders and he is super stoked about that. What teenage, hormone boy wouldn't be??!

He met another Mascot friend at camp this week. It didn't take them long to bond and connect over fur,  the enormous amount of sweat that they endure for the sake of their school, and who's big furry head smells worse on the inside.

Now, my boy is on the left. He's the big cat. Rooooaaarrr!

Well look who it is... Aunt Jae. So glad you could join us to watch Panther Boy peform with his new friends.

And so glad to see you brought Polly Belle along for the ride. I'm pretty sure she was glad to have the sound muffled some in the depths of your gorgeous belly. Because it was LOUD in there!

Hope you enjoyed this little presentation and glimpse into our recent lives. There will be more to come. I promise.

From the bottom of my heart,


Jill said...

thanks for the - oh so flattering - picture of my belly!

Mom said...

and thanks for the - oh so flattering - picture of my wrinkled face. Couldn't you have used one more flattering to me....

Anonymous said...

Great post Amy! You guys seem to be pretty busy! The boyfriend/running partner is a cutie! ;) Hope all is well!