Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twilight Zone

Morning Dialogue.

G: Mom, I want to see if we can make a deal. Are you up for that this morning? Making a deal?

M: Ummm...whatdayawant?

G: Never mind. (Slowly turns and shrugs his shoulders to walk away)

M: (Overwhelmed by guilt from cutting him off before he could even get his request out. Discouraged because this ultimately will impact future communications down the road. Quickly and humbly grovel and conceed to hear the terms of the deal, knowing full well the answer will be "no.") Ohhh, come back here. What is this "deal" you want to make?

G: (Ever so enthusiastically) If I could just get right on all my chores for the week since I am up and already dressed, can I play Hookie from school today? Please?

M: Really? Really? Did you just ask me to skip school? Nah, I don't think it's a good idea. No deal, little friend.

G: But..

M: I said, N-O. (And launch into some long, boring monologue that only a parent can deliver about how education is a priviledge and there are children all over the world who can only dream of going to school  because in stead they have to work in the fields and factories all day so their families can eat. You know that speech that is supposed to instill guilt but only comes across as mwah, mwah, mwah.)

Parenting-by-guilt? What the heck is that? After scooting him out the door to catch the bus and heading out to the much dreaded office, I began to rethink this whole encounter. Especially the part about having a clean house. That is a fairly tempting deal.

I'm fairly certain the next time he wants to make a deal; I'll take it as an opportunity to practice his negotiation skills. Heck, I could possibly get a clean house, clean laundry, cleaned garage, clean attick, mowed yard and who knows what else out of the deal. A person can get a lot of work done in an 8 hour day. Especially a young, spry lad as himself.

Happy Mid-Week Friends!

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Christi said...

That was great! :-) I love that kid!