Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are we... for sure?

I've noticed recently an increasing use of the phrase "for sure." What is going on here? It was actually several years ago when I traveled to Canada where I found my cousin was inserting the phrase into every other sentence.

Uses like confirming your intent to do something..."I am going to the store, for sure" or when one wants to respond to an inquiry....Question:"Will you be planting the daisy's in the garden this weekend?" Answer: " For sure."

I completely disregarded this unusual language phenomenon to being a Canadian thing, because of course, all weird things done and said in Canada are just Canadian things, right?

When I returned to Texas, I more than welcome the normal use of the words 'fo shizzle' and 'right???' Ahhh, the use of our own distorted urban dialect was more comforting that I ever could have imagined possible. What a relief, right?!

But this 'for sure' phrase has slowly trickled down to some of the most Southern regions of the USA. For whatever reason, hearing that phrase brings me directly into 1981, when Valley Girl talk brought to the All-American lingo terms like 'Totally,' 'Radical.' and 'like tubular.' Wasn't there a 'For Sure' in there somewhere?

I just feel as if the entire phrase would be so much more well received if it was preceded by the word "like"and coming from the mouth of someone dressed in a torn purple sweatshirt with gray leggings and hot pink, fishnet, fingerless gloves and a side pony tail with teased up bangs.

Let the record show that I am not a fan of this phrase today.

Oh dear cousin in the northern regions, please, please tell me that the 'for sure' phrase and fill me in on the latest and greatest fad in urban language!

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